Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Failure to Offer True Worship in my Life

In scheming to try to attain a license, I have not offered God true worship with my life. In scheming to try to pay my debts, I have not offered true worship with my life. Even in trying to make a budget work so that I can say with great pride that I got my finances together and my debts honestly paid (something God mysteriously has never let me do—unexpected expenses always pour in like a flood when I try!), I have not offered true worship with my life. This is explained in these lines from my web page “A Call to Worship,” written in 2000:

Do I remind myself when victory seems far off that God is eternal? Do I keep my confidence that He has made from the beginning of time preparations to insure my success? Do I understand that He is already seated at the end of time with my victory in His hand? Do I tell others in my times of apparent hopelessness that He is my hope, because He is already where I am going and He is on my side? This is true worship.

Do I remind myself when I am in physical need that God is the Creator? Do I trust Him to provide for me out of His abundance, which can never run out? Do I tell others that I trust in Him to provide my needs? And once I have said I trust God to provide, do I let Him provide rather than scheming to find provision by worldly means? This is true worship.

Do I remind myself when others treat me unfairly, or when I see unjust suffering in the world, that God is light? There is no darkness in God, not even the shadow of His turning from His good and loving course. He is not causing the suffering I see…

Do I remind myself when I am accused that God is gracious — so gracious that He sent His Son to die in order to take my guilt and reconcile me to God? Do I tell others that I am now God's child and friend because of what Jesus did? This is true worship.

Nor was this lesson limited to the years 2001 and earlier. The next three postings will set forth, verbatim, my records of two visions I had in the year 2007 —after the last rejection by the Bar—and the scriptural explanation of it that came to me a few weeks later. None of these have been posted on any fixed web page (though they were posted on a blog that no longer exists). While the first one, at least, contains some material that may appear a little strange, and some material that is strictly local to Topeka, Kansas, all three have a “take home” message that is identical with that of the web pages I have discussed in the last three postings: I am physically in the present world, but not of it. My real location, in the spirit, is with God. God is over the present creation, above time, and (as He views it) has already worked out His will in the creation. Everything He has for me is a part of what He has already accomplished. So is the work that He has for me—it is something He does through me as I yield to Him. It’s not about me or what I want, or even what I think or plan to do for Him. It’s about God satisfying the thirst of the world by living through me. Therefore I should, and have not, set my mind on heavenly things, the things that are with Him, today.

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