Sunday, November 9, 2014

The qualifications of the author, Ian Johnson, to write theology, or the lack thereof

On certain occasions in the past, I have received e-mail absolutely INSISTING that I must take down all of my web material forthwith, and desist from ever posting any additional material like it, simply because the writers--and there have been at least two of them--did not find in my declared background a properly-accredited theological degree followed by an ordination certificate from a denomination they recognized. Both of them argued--one of them over many e-mails--that such human recognition is essential before one may teach the Word of God, and that it is a grave sin to proceed without it. I certainly disagree with them. I find no such prohibition in my Bible. Instead, the scriptures tell me to do as the Spirit leads me.

Nevertheless, for the benefit of those who must know my human qualifications, and approve of them, or treat me as a self-condemned heretic, I have created a series of pages attached to this blog that spell out my qualifications. Copies of many of the source documents (academic transcripts, etc.) are even linked to these pages, so that the curious, or the judgmental, may verify as much as possible of my information, I now present these pages:

Ian Johnson's Short Bio

Ian Johnson's Education

Ian Johnson's Licensure

Ian Johnson's Links, including other websites in which he is involved.

I will only publish these links on the face of the blog one, so if you are interested please take advantage of this now! I will return to the discussion of repentance--specifically, Balaam's bad example of repentance--in a few days!

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