Thursday, March 24, 2016

Introduction and Outline to Proposed Revision to Chapter 14 of "Our Oneness in Christ" now posted for comments

As I said in my last post, I have come increasingly to realize that the parts of the book,Our Oneness in Christ, that I wrote, as originally published 10 years ago, were both too difficult to read and, in several places, not rigorous enough. Mr. Stephens' contributions to the book lacked these problems.

So, for the last nine months or so, I have been thoroughly rewriting my parts of the book. I now have all of the substantive rewriting done except for Chapter 14, the last chapter I wrote. Chapter 14 was, and still is, entitled "Doctrine is Not the Underlying Cause of Lasting Division in the Church," and it still leads to the general conclusion that nearly all lasting schisms in the church continue because of the influence of secular power politics of one kind or another on the Church. Chapter 14 as written 10 years ago was a very light, incomplete discussion of a few examples of this. However, in the rewrite, I want to be much more complete, and also more rigorous about my sources. What I am now attempting is nothing less than a brief but quite comprehensive historiography of division in the Church, including the role of that division in bringing about the rise of Islam. Please read the introduction and the outline, and then comment--particularly if you think I'm missing something!

Link to "Our Oneness in Christ," Introduction and Outline to Proposed Revision to Chapter 14.

The "introduction" to Chapter 14 is actually the first two sections of the chapter. The "outline" is a very expanded outline that really mentions most of the details that will be discussed in the chapter. You will notice that some of the details are listed in the outline more than once. Usually, this means that I haven't yet decided at which location the repeated detail fits best (please advise!).

Happy thinking!

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